Jonald Zagalo

  • Age: 21Wtf...
  • Nationality: Argentinean
  • Occupation: Grampus Pilot; Wisecracker 
  • Appearances: PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
The only son of a decorated Argentinean Army Colonel, Zagalo’s seemingly laid-back disposition masks his dedication and loyalty to his comrades and to the cause. Enjoys flirting and gossiping, but is a source of strength and confidence to his friends. Zagalo eventually develops a close friendship with his co-pilot Estella.

My thoughts & opinions
In a submarine filled with mostly serious, emo, or serious and emo characters, Zagalo is a welcome addition to the family, and a really fun character to write about. Right from the start of the game, he is established as a goofball, teasing Kino and the others constantly, but is otherwise a capable Grampus Pilot. As the game progresses, we see that he actually adheres strictly to military code and principles, and served as a source of encouragement for Moldova and the others, when they were each plagued by personal troubles.

Is this allowed on submarines?!

There’s a strong indication that he and Estella hit off at the end, which is no surprise really, since the whole hate-you-to-love-you routine could be seen coming from miles away. Not that it matters really. The two actually have some funny dialogue together, and have good chemistry.


~ by ticktank on August 6, 2008.

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