Yang Chung Ying (楊 春玉)

  • Age: Unknown (looks mid to late 20’s)Lady in red...
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Occupation: Blue Fleet Intelligence Officer 
  • Appearances: DC

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
Little is known about this mysterious and beautiful woman at the start. Chung Ying however knows quite abit about Hayami, and his mastery in salvage operations. She pays Hayami to undertake a strange mission – to salvage 3 seemingly unimportant relics for her, and in doing so, gets them both involved in the dangerous political history of Shin Sekai City. Seemingly involved in the murder of several important people Hayami has interacted with, her status as Hayami’s friend or foe is only made clear towards the end of the game.

My thoughts & opinions
Ok. Lets take a look at this character’s design: Chinese, short and neat black hair, beautiful & mysterious, a covert intelligence officer/spy, wears sexy red dresses. Sorry Mr. Murata, but I have to ask: were you playing Resident Evil when coming up with this character? 😛 Chung Ying looks way too similar to Ada Wong!

Ada and Leon in RE4, looking at...oh wait.

Thankfully however, Chung Ying’s true personality isn’t as treacherous, and she doesn’t end up killing anyone. Though she tries to present herself as merely a wealthy customer interested in Hayami’s services as a salvager, she is in reality an agent sent by Blue Fleet to Shin Sekai City, to retrieve the activation keys to a powerful lost submarine called the Granova. It is Hayami whom Chung Ying asks to salvage these 3 keys, and whom she tries to protect.

Her final conversation with Hayami (telling him that he isn’t a selfish person at heart etc) may have been the catalyst for the man’s gradual recovery to the path of good later on, in the anime. I’d expect her to reappear as a supporting character if there is a sequel to BS6 (pray).


~ by ticktank on August 5, 2008.

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