Analysis: The Hayami & Mutio Relationship (Mutio’s Perspective)

"Will you still love me tomorr...stop mousing over us and leave us alone!"

**Warning: Gratuitous display of geekiness, boredom and passion towards the BS6 universe (duh perhaps). Oh and spoilers too.

So, back during the early 2000’s, during the height of the English-speaking BS6 fandom (when the series was being shown regularly on the Cartoon Network and other English language mediums), it was almost a given that fans would discuss and argue whether Hayami and Mutio were an item, or if it should have been Kino instead etc.

What makes the relationship between these two characters so complex and difficult to understand clearly IMO is the fact that one of them doesn’t speak, and the other is bad at expressing emotions (not to mention that the writers rightfully didn’t devote much time to develop their relationship, as BS6 isn’t a soap opera).

So fast forward to 2008, where a still-hardcore BS6 fan with his newly acquired blogging ‘skills’ decides to join this already dead debate. This was how I examined the issue: I listed down all the events and significant instances that they shared in the OVA, and then proceeded to analyze each event independently (not sequentially), arguing from the two perspectives: (1) That Mutio harbours no romantic feelings toward Hayami; and (2) That she does have romantic feelings for him. You could run through the list yourself and see how many (1)’s or (2)’s you agree with. Results and comments at the end.

Episode 1 & 2: Blues & Pilots

None; its way too early for even sensible romance supporters to expect Mutio to develop feelings for Hayami at this point IMO. For Hayami however…

Episode 3: Hearts

– The episode’s title.

  1. Does not imply anything about H&M’s relationship [Supported]
  2. Hints, or is subtly suggesting that H&M develop stronger emotions for each other

– Mutio rescues Hayami before he drowns, encases him in a bubble during the storm, and then places him on the wreckage.

  1. She did this simply out of reciprocation, gratitude and/or curiosity. Not because she liked him or anything.
  2. She likes Hayami, and as such, doesn’t want to see him die. May also include the motivations stated in (1). [Supported]

– Mutio stays with Hayami, and feeds him plenty of fishes

  1. She’s just being nice. Perhaps she’s this kind to every creature she feels grateful towards.
  2. She’s willing to go over and above whats necessary. To bring a *human* lots of food and stick around. This is evidence that she likes him. [Supported]

– Mutio sings in his presence.

  1. No significance; she could be singing for various reasons (boredom, communicating with her siblings etc), not because she has feelings for Hayami. [Supported]
  2. The fact that she is willing to sing shows that she’s not threatened by and feels comfortable in Hayami’s presence. She could be singing out of joy/happiness of being with him.

– Mutio crawls up to Hayami, brings her face above his to establish eye contact, and then and sits down next to him, at a pretty close distance too.

Would you lean this near to a creature from another species, just to get his attention?
Thats getting rather close...

  1. She could just be curious about him. Sitting near a person could be standard behaviour among her species.
  2. Like her willingness to sing, Mutio is indirectly expressing her comfort and joy at being with Hayami, through her willingness to be at such close proximity to him (despite him being human). She may or may not be consciously aware of this. [Supported]

– Mutio pleads with her siblings [not to kill Hayami]. [This is assumed]
– Mutio attempts to run/crawl to Hayami after he is almost impaled
– Mutio looks on in sadness as her sisters prevent her from reaching Hayami

  1. Because Hayami is helpless and non-threatening; because Hayami spared her life before, and even saved her; because she was still curious about him, and needed him alive.
  2. Possibly also because of reasons in (1), but more due to the fact that she has developed feelings for him, and as such, does not want to see him harmed (and tries to protect him) [Supported]

– After the Musuca arrives and offers to take Hayami back to Blue 6, Mutio follows him

  1. She just wants to make sure that he gets back safely; after all that trouble of saving him, feeding him, and trying to fend off her siblings, why not finish whats been started?
  2. She likes to be with him, even when it is no longer necessary at that point [Supported]

– Mutio smiles at Hayami when he looks at her (THE defining moment of their relationship)

  1. Just being friendly. What else should she do? Frown?
  2. She’s never smiled up till then, much less to any human. She likes him duh! [Supported]

– When the Musuca is dying, she does not follow Hayami after he gets swept away
– Or even after he is rescued by Kino, and is calling out for her
– Or even after the Musuca himself tells Mutio to go to Hayami

  1. Mutio was grieving over the dying Musuca. She has no feelings for Hayami, so it didn’t matter that he was calling for her. He made it back safely to his kind at that point anyway, so her job was done! [Supported]
  2. Mutio had to tend and soothe (with her song) the dying Musuca, who sacrificed himself to deliver Hayami to his comrades. She would have wanted to go to Hayami otherwise!

Episode 4: Minasoko

– Mutio refuses to comply with Verg’s demands to never associate with humans again
– And even lashes out at him

  1. She refused because she was in pain, and/or was bitter towards Verg after the abuse she had suffered under him and her siblings. [Supported]
  2. Having started to like Hayami, she cannot accept being barred from seeing him again. May also include reasons in (1).

– Mutio shakes her head in sadness when Verg orders the use of their nuclear weapons on Blue Fleet

  1. She was saddened by her sibling’s inability to see the pointlessness of the war
  2. She did not want Hayami to die, and may also be sad for reasons stated above (Note: Mutio wasn’t aware that he and Kino had already left to see Zorndyke already) [Supported]

– Mutio whispers Hayami’s name just before she disappears under the water with Verg

  1. Just expressing the knowledge of knowing his name after learning of it on the Musuca. She was preoccupied with consoling Verg anyway.[Supported]
  2. She’s bidding a sad farewell to Hayami, whom she was starting to like, but had to leave behind, as it was time for her to mourn the death of Zorndyke, and take care of Verg.

So, final tally:
She likes him = 7
She likes him not 5

A difference of just one interpretation, confirming my long-held speculation that the writers simply wanted Hayami & Mutio’s relationship to remain ambiguous. So go ahead and write a fanfic against or in support of them; you can’t be accused of canon-rape. And there seems to be lots of silent but nonetheless rabid fans of this pairing…

If you still haven’t barfed yet and want more, stay tuned for part II, where I examine their relationship from Hayami’s perspective, and give my concluding comments. [Update: Part II is (here) ]


~ by ticktank on August 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Analysis: The Hayami & Mutio Relationship (Mutio’s Perspective)”

  1. The last thing she says in the entire series is Hayami’s name even when she’s leaving with Verg. The ending credits of the final episode also show Mutio alone and not with Verg. She likes him (Hayami).

  2. So liking someone means you automatically love them or have romantic feelings? It’s so silly how it’s presented here: She likes him (romantic). She likes him not (Just a human male she met who saved her life). It’s one extreme to another. Where the hell is the in between? Why can’t she still like him but in a friendly sort of way and not romantically? I would think that you would grow to respect (and be greatful) the person who saved your life and considering the time they spent together, a bond of friendship. All I see is a black and white debate on this subject. Where is the grey area?

  3. Her liking Hayami in a ‘friendly’ (i.e. platonic?) way is of course another possibility, given the fact that their whole relationship was left ambiguous.

    The reason why this post was narrowed down to examining romance and non-romance is because exploring romantic tendencies between these 2 fictional characters is…fun? 🙂 Its done all the time in fanfiction and fanart i.e. products of imagination. How boring it must be, if these things had to be bound by realism.

    Rephrased in your way: Black is interesting, and its opposite is white. Grey wasn’t mentioned, but not because we’re denying its existence (along with darkgrey lightgrey and every other color in the spectrum). Its simply because we’re not interested in it.

    This post isn’t meant to be a journal-worthy psychiatric evaluation paper that considers ALL possibilities (or at least YOUR preferred possibility), which seems to be what you’re looking for. Such papers are usually much longer, and focus on real people 🙂

  4. I dunno, it seemed painfully obvious to me after I saw the closing credits for the first time, the lyrics were about love and longing.

  5. keep in mind, she is a child-like, partial human person. so her getting feelings quick can be a possbility. also dont forget that mutio was with hayami for like around a week during the wreckage and the musuka, the ps1 game showed days past after blue dome, not to mention hayami could not have been brought back to blue 6 in antarctica in just half a day.

  6. I dont think she really loved him or even liked him in a romantic way. She was just different and curious that its. Because for her entire life before being saved by him. she has been taught that humans are mean evil beings who steal and lie. But then a human whom she has known to hate helps her, she just confused and starts to questions Vergs actions. We can prove this when he makes her swear loyalty. She denies because she now has a personal perspective of how humans REALLY are.

    But this doesn’t mean she likes him in a romantic way. If anything. shes just infatuated with a new being she has never had any experience before. Humans have hunted and killed her kind so its obvious shes wonderous about a new human who decided to help her.

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