Mutio (ミューティオ)

  • Age: UnknownRemember, she's totally naked. (10-18?)
  • Cell Combinations:Koi Fish
  • Occupation:Umigumo Pilot; Goodwill Ambassador
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
A water creature created by Zorndyke. Due to internal organ structure and design, it cannot speak, but has a very high level of intelligence. The Mutios’ are Zorndyke’s ultimate Umigumo pilots. They live in shallow areas of the ocean and are programmed for strict obedience, even to the point of suppressing their own feelings. Usually a dull color, but the one seen by Hayami at Tokyo Bay was very colorful.

My thoughts & opinions
Mutio is definitely one of the more (if not, the most) popular and memorable characters in BS6, and its not hard to see why. Highly recognizable because of her unique design, she’s pretty much the mascot of BS6 in my humble opinion (Kino looks too plain, while Hayami is too similar to many other anime characters). Some people have commented that Mutio resembles one of the female characters in ‘Chobits’ (sp?), but after having investigated for myself, I’m inclined to disagree.

The design and mannerisms of this character appeal to both male and female viewers, for different reasons. Male viewers (especially young and horny ones) would be easily drawn by her cute human-like looks, fully naked body and feminine behaviour. The fact that she’s either swimming or kneeling down (a behaviour implicitly associated with submissiveness) further adds to her sexual appeal. Female viewers would probably be taken by her independent spirit, unwillingness to tolerate abuse (e.g. her defiance towards Verg) and her peaceful and forgiving nature.

Mutio’s inability to speak makes its harder for viewers to deduce her thoughts, shifting the focus to her actions and expressions. In a sense, she’s somewhat like Hello Kitty, who’s mouthless face hides her emotions, so its up to the viewers to make inferences based on their interpretations.

Not surprisingly, a popular fandom discussion topic about Mutio is whether she harbours romantic feelings for Hayami (like, what is she doing here?!). Objectively speaking, I think there’s enough evidence in the given material to suggest either possibility. I have no strong preference however, despite writing a fanfic centered on a  Mutio & Hayami pairing. I’ll probably examine this love issue in more detail in a future article. (Update: Article is [here]).

Mutio’s forgiving nature was further emphasized in the limited appearances she made in 青の6号: Antarctica. She was seen sitting next to Verg inside the wrecked Ghost-Ship (after the conclusion of EP4 of the anime), consoling the weeping hybrid. Towards the end of the game, during the last FMV, she returned to rescue Verg from the collapsing Ghost-Ship. This was after Verg had chosen to stay and die with the ship, and after all his other siblings had abandoned him.

Many fans are eager for a Blue Submarine No.6 sequel, mostly in part due to the popularity of Mutio, but sadly, I think she’s also one reason why GONZO can’t make a TV series out of BS6 – she (and her sisters) are completely naked, so censorship issues may be a problem. And realistically, you can’t expect those pink appendages to hide the nipples every time 😛 .

Overall, a very well-conceptualized and unforgettable character. Thanks Mr. Kusanagi!


~ by ticktank on August 3, 2008.

11 Responses to “Mutio (ミューティオ)”

  1. :3 coolie, and yeah it would be nice if there was a sequel, i’d be over the moon to see Mutio and the other characters again, or even a tv series. As for the censorship thing i bet that could be covered, i mean come on when BS6 was shown on cartoon network a few years back i heard they removed the smoking, the blood and ur (what the pink appendages couldn’t hide) at least that’s what i heard, i watched it but i don’t remember it clearly.

    aw, COME ON GONZO MAKE A SEQUEL!!!…like they’ll hear me T.T

    but yesh thanks for the information me loves this sites :3

  2. Awh! the ending for her in the game is so sweet! Where she rescues Verg from the ship. I’m actually half tempted to draw that myself. Is there anyway you can get pictures/screen shots from that scene?

  3. @Talatia

    That scene can be found on youtube. Specifically here:

    another video not found on the extras dvd is

    A few other scenes from antarctica can be found here:

  4. Hi Talatia!

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to emulate the game on my PC, otherwise I’d have gladly posted screenshots.

    To follow up on what King Lear said, the Youtube vid is the best available option so now…but I think you know that already.

    If you’re using Win Vista, you could use the SNIPPING TOOL (under accessories) to take a custom-sized SS of your screen. Just have the youtube vid paused at the frame you want 😛

    One of the few good features in an otherwise crappy OS.

  5. @ticktank

    You’ve had trouble emulating the game on windows? I find that strange. All the main PS emulators can run pretty much every game playstation game out there. Have you tried epsxe?

  6. Kinglear,
    Thank you for posting those :). I’m a huge Verg fan! I like to get my hands on anything I can about him of pictures about him. Hehe.

    Hey, I’m also “ifoundawayout” on DA ;). Fellow BS6 fan friends of mine are looking for a emulate of the game. If they ever do. I’ll pass it your way. I can take screen shots of the videos with “print screen” on youtube :). So that works out just fine.

  7. Hmmm…a thought on the “pink feathery appendages” that helped her character design get past the censors (haha XD): they may be external gills. They remind me a lot of mollusk gills, but I had forgotten until we recently did a squid dissection…

    Here’s some examples:




    It’s not much, especially since they were likely trying to create an alluring character more than anything else, but I thought I might bring it up. It’d be interesting to see if the team behind the character designs did this intentionally, or simply had the appendages there for the sake of some censorship/different character design.

  8. Lovely site you have here, just stumbled on it through your fanfiction, my thoughts.

    I would have not bothered watching the series if it wasn’t for Mutio, I am sure the creators of the show only did 4 to annoy us all, and have as gasping for more and spend more money too, also the censorship, common, there is a thing called called DVD and other countries that have different perspective on these things, also it might not be necessary for them to go into that much detail.

    The game videos have been a much welcome addition to the whole thing, it is a pittly the game is not widely available, I did not hear of it until recently and not in English.

    But it was a shame that they diden’t make a longer season. Perhaps someday they might reconsider when all there options are low.

    Thanks for reading

  9. i’d totally put my penis in that mermaid chick. Totally

  10. Ah, but who would we need to contact to get a sequel? They left the ending so open, it just begs for one, but could we scare up the interest?

  11. why did Zorndyke create a million females? the amount of chimera males seem to be like only less than quarter the amount of females, and i doubt they would all be mothers. the chimera population would decrease big time before the end of the century, unless they mate with humans.

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