Ghost-Ship (幽霊戦艦)

  • Role: Chimeran Flagship
  • Color(s): Black, Orange
  • Status after the OVA: Immobilized and severely wrecked, but not destroyed

The Ghost Ship represents the might and twisted design of Zorndyke’s army, though its actual name – Nagato Wonder – is never once mentioned in the OVA or games. The writers did an excellent job portraying this ship as a menacing, unstoppable monster throughout the anime. In many ways, the Ghost-Ship *is* Verg.

I wasn’t too happy about the way the Ghost Ship’s (and Verg’s) defeat was handled by the OVA directors however. After destroying a city, Blue Dome, several subs and damaging Hayami’s Grampus twice for 3 episodes, it would have been nice to see a more detailed scene of the Ghost Ship’s destruction. A zoom-in on a screaming Verg simply wasn’t satisfying enough IMO. This was of course redeemed a little in the 青の6号: Antarctica PS1 game.

Concept Artwork (Thanks Hal 10000)

The Ghost Ship shows up towards the end of the DC: Time & Tide game, shelling Shin Sekai City in an attempt to draw out Blue 6. Seems like Verg had been in pursuit of Blue 6 for awhile. It is here where we finally get to see both ships battle each other. The fate of the ship was unknown at the end (after it is hit by a huge explosion from the suicide-attack of Granova), but given that the game takes place before the OVA, it makes sense to believe that it survived, though badly damaged and weakened – a possible explanation to Yuri’s comment on Verg & the Ghost-Ship at the start of EP1.

We get to see the Ghost Ship again (after its defeat) towards the end of the PS1 game. The tail end of its hull had been broken off, and all thats left of the carrier whale is its skeletal structure, which is also acting as a weak foundation for the ship. It eventually slides and plunges into a nearby chasm, after Marcello’s Pyramid battleship is destroyed by Blue 6. That scene probably symbolized the final end of the Chimeran’s naval strength, at least for awhile.


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