青の6号: Antarctica (PS1) – Movie List & Summary

Please Read First:
This article contains a list of all the NEW FMV (aka Movies) that were shown in the game, accompanied by a summary and explanation of the events depicted in each movie. The game did show footage from the OVA, but I won’t go into those. For best results, I strongly suggest keying in Amazon.co.jp into your web browser and buying a copy of the game for yourself. 😛

The list of movies are in chronological order, and there are no variations as to the order in which the FMVs are presented i.e. the game is quite linear.

**WARNING: This entire article contains massive plot spoilers. You have been warned.

1. Opening Introduction

  • Occurrence: At the start of the game
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Blue 6 is docked at an unnamed port (looks like Shin Sekai though). 4 freshly assigned Grampus pilots are heading into the sub via the ramp, led by Estella Bloom and Rin Sagami. Estella remarks that the sub looks ‘old and like junk’, which gets Rin all nervous and embarassed. They are suddenly interrupted by a young Grampus pilot (Jonald Zagalo) standing behind them, who proceeds to offers his handshake to Estella and asks for her name, flirting with her in the process (calling her a ‘babe’ or something to that sort). Estella gives him the cold shoulder and the two ladies proceed up the ramp. Zagalo’s colleague (Andrei Moldova) tells Zagalo that it seems that ‘she blew you off’, but Zagalo doesn’t mind.
    Inside the sub, Kino, who had arrived before them, is being briefed by Iga. The Captain is impressed by her performance at the academy, calling her an over-achiever, but warns her about the dangerous missions she would have to take in the times ahead, and that Blue 6 must not fail the world. Before dismissing Kino, Iga tells her to report to the briefing room at ?? hours.
  • Comments: Nice starting FMV, giving us a glimpse of each new character’s personalities.

2. Pyramid First Appears

  • Occurrence: After the first tutorial mission
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: In the depths of some nearby part of the ocean, the Chimeran Pyramid battleship and its inhabitants are shown for the first time. Marcello, presumably after hearing about another of Verg’s failures, remarks to his 2 henchmen Gills and Pondo, that the ‘boy’ is too reckless and impulsive against Blue 6. He orders them to ‘scare’ Blue 6 a little, and during this time, his two Mutio servants start to playfully tease each other for a kiss, distracting the two henchmen. Gills regains his composure and acknowledges Marcello’s orders.
  • Comments: Marcello’s introduction is quite well done here. He looks rather intimidating, and his two henchmen are immediately seen as buffoons. The lesbian kissing routine between the Mutio twins, though nice, was clearly done for fan service.

3. After Conclusion of Combat

  • Occurrence: After defeating the ‘scare’ attack force ordered by Marcello
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Gills and Pondo report back about their failure, which angers Marcello slightly. Marcello is impressed by Blue 6, noting how it is able to fight well, and run away just as well as Gills, when in danger. Pondo laughs at the insult and gets a KO punch from Gills. He apologizes for his comrade’s behaviour, and Marcello then instructs Gills to destroy Blue 6 before it becomes trouble.
  • Comments: This FMV occurs very quickly after the previous one, after just 1 mission. Its decent, but the scene doesn’t really require an FMV imo.

4. Caterpillar Tracks

  • Occurrence: After defeating the second attack by Marcello’s forces
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Yun alerts the bridge to the presence of a large set of caterpillar tracks along the ocean floor, and Blue 6 navigates along them.
  • Comments: Really short FMV that serves no real purpose IMO. The CGI looks very nice though.

 5. First Appearance of the Ghost Ship & Verg

  • Occurrence: After Blue 6. destroys the Musuca at Tokyo Harbour (same event shown in the OVA)
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: The hybrids in the Ghost Ship are angered by the news of Blue 6. killing the Musuca and demand revenge. Verg merely laughs and verbally praises Blue 6’s luck, before remarking that its days are numbered. He orders his crew to set course to intercept Blue 6, and the battle drums are sounded.
  • Comments: This FMV is almost identical to the one in anime (hell, its the same event), but just made up of different scenes cut and pasted together (e.g. the drumming sequence is taken from the Blue Dome attack scene in EP2). We do get to see the hybrids in more detail for a few moments though. A strange and not very necessary FMV.

6. First Encounter with Huang

  • Occurrence: After Blue 6 escapes the Ghost Ship and heads to Blue Dome
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Kino meets Huang along the corridoors of the sub for the first time, and sees her crying. She introduces herself to Huang, but the girl appears very shy and afraid.
  • Comments: A scene that should have been included in the OVA.

 7. The Corback Impresses

  • Occurrence: After beating the mission that takes place before Blue 6 meets up with Blue 1
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: The Corback (Blue 1) glides along the ocean like a large missile (scene’s camera angle and transitioning is very similar to the Star Wars Star Destroyer space scene), and the surrounding seas are littered with numerous dead Musucas that it had just destroyed with ease. Kino stares at it in awe.
  • Comments: Its nice to see Blue 1 in a different scene. Looking closer, it seems that the sub is actually ‘spinning’ as it moves along the water.

 8. Escaping Mutio Twins

  • Occurrence: After departing from Blue 1 and heading to Blue Dome
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Estella and Zagalo make a sweep of the area, after successfully defeating the enemy waves. Zagalo suddenly spots the Mutio Twins emerging from the wreck of one of the Umigumos, and sees one of them whispering sadly to the other. Zagalo abruptly turns the Grampus around, intending to finish them off, before being told to stop by Estella. Looking both shocked and fascinated, she comments on how the Mutios ‘look no different from humans’. They watch as the Mutio Twins gracefully swim away.
  • Comments: Probably just for Mutio eye-candy.

 9. Zagalo After His Brawl

  • Occurrence: When Blue 6 is docked at Blue Dome
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: (Prior to this scene, Kino gets news of Zagalo getting into a ‘fight’, and rushes to his bunk). Kino spots Zagalo walking along the hallways of Blue Dome, and yells at him, demanding an explanation. She spots a plaster on his face, and questions him about it. Zagalo merely smiles and replies that he was just exercising and ‘communicating’ with someone. When pressed for an answer, Zagalo slowly moves his face towards Kino, until his head is next to hers, side by side (their cheeks almost rubbing each other’s). Kino becomes very nervous, and Zagalo whispers that ‘skin to skin contact is the ultimate form of communication, don’t you think?’. Kino recoils back and looks shocked and embarassed. Zagalo makes a face with his hands and tells her that such activities are needed to boost morale before an impending battle.
  • Comments: Kino’s whining and yelling is unbearable in this FMV. Other than that, a pretty cheeky and lighthearted scene.

10. Estella’s Determination

  • Occurrence: After escaping from Blue Dome and before rescuing Hayami
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Kino finds Estella alone inside the briefing room, staring at a blank screen. They start to converse about the mission they are undertaking, and how failure may mean the extinction of humanity. Before leaving, Estella tells Kino not to worry about Hayami, for she has a feeling that he is alive and safe.
  • Comments: What a waste of 2 minutes, stating the obvious. At least those two aren’t arguing with each other anymore.

11. Juju’s True Colors

  • Occurrence: After escaping from Blue Dome and before rescuing Hayami
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Juju, a child genius and Grampus Pilot assigned to Blue 6 during their stay at Blue Dome, is being escorted along by Kino. She tries to be friendly with Juju, but the child treats her coldly. Huang suddenly appears ahead of them, and spotting Juju, becomes very nervous. She quietly walks past him, avoiding eye contact, and is constantly being spoken to by him, but we never see his mouth moving or opening – Juju is a psychic, like Huang. Huang tries her best to ignore him and pretends that she can’t hear him, but when he ‘mentally screams’ for her to stop, Huang gasps and freezes in place. Kino asks her if she’s all right, and Huang scurries off after a meek reply. Kino is puzzled, and Juju tells her that he doesn’t like it when people pretend to be nice to him (referring to Kino, so it seems that Juju can read minds as well).
  • Comments: Creepy scene. Reminds me abit of The Shining. Juju’s being established as a bully and nasty little bugger in this scene. Poor Huang.

12. The Terrifying Cuttlefish

  • Occurrence: After rescuing Hayami
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Huang and Juju are piloting a new Grampus designed specially for psionically gifted persons, called the Cuttlefish. The Lorenzini system inside the Grampus (the same one Huang operates in Blue 6) allows Juju to track and lock onto all enemies with unmatched accuracy. He baits about 10 Umigumos into a canyon-like area, and destroys them all with extreme ease. The other Grampus Pilots can only watch in awe at the display. Huang however is very unsettled by Juju’s confidence and daredevil nature.
  • Comments: A nicely done underwater battle sequence; perfect for those craving for more of such scenes.

13. Goodbye Mutio Twins

  • Occurrence: After rescuing Hayami and on the way to Antarctica
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: NOT Available
  • Summary: As the Grampus Team approach the Pyramid, Marcello suddenly launches a large, high speed torpedo ship towards Blue 6, piloted by one of the Mutio Twins. Zagalo charges up his sub’s sonic cannon, and prepares to destroy it. The Mutio inside is screaming with rage at the humans, and Hayami somehow senses this. He yells for Zagalo to stop, but it was too late. The torpedo ship and the Mutio are destroyed with one blast of the sonic cannon.
    Marcello launches a second torpedo ship with the remaining Mutio, which catches the Grampuses off guard. The ship zooms past 3 of the Grampuses, but Hayami and Kino were quick enough to turn their ship around, and gave chase. The Mutio inside this ship is shedding tears and *speaking* in her mind about avenging her sister (this is the first time we hear a Mutio actually speak by the way). Hayami tells Kino to bring the Grampus close to the ship, and Kino obeys. Positioning the Grampus beneath the ship, Hayami and the Mutio come face to face. Hayami pleads with her to stop her attack and senseless sacrifice, but the Mutio ignores him. Looking away, the Mutio gives her craft a burst of acceleration and locks onto Blue 6. Still hoping for a non-violent outcome, Hayami then tries to use the Grampus’s grapple arm on the tail of the torpedo ship, but cannot reach it. Just as the arm is within reach of the ship, and seconds before it collides with Blue 6, the arm’s needlecannon suddenly roars to life, destroying both the ship and the screaming Mutio inside. Blue 6’s paintjob gets damaged slightly by the shrapnel.
    The needlecannon’s trigger is released, and as the camera shifts, we realize that the shooter was Kino. Hayami becomes enraged and yells at Kino, asking her why. He then sees tears flowing down from Kino’s eyes, and after a moment of silence, apologizes to her.
  • Comments: Probably the second best FMV scene in the game IMO, as it really gives depth to both Hayami and Kino’s personalities. Hayami’s a changed person following the time he spent with Mutio, and his realization of Zorndyke’s intentions. His attempts at persuading the Mutio twin to cease her attack is just an early example

14. Huang In Shock

  • Occurrence: After rescuing Hayami
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: Available
  • Summary: Kino finds Huang sobbing along the hallways, and finds out that her teddy bear is missing. She promises Huang that she will find it back for her.
  • Comments: Huang’s fragile nature and strong attachment to that yellow bear is highlighted here. Although anyone with a brain will know immediately that it was Juju who stole it.

 15. Gigas Explodes

  • Occurrence: After defeating Gigas for the second time
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: NOT available
  • Summary: The Gigas sub starts to explode. Inside the crumbling cockpit, Gills manages to activate the escape pod, and promptly escapes. Pondo however is too slow, and dies in the final explosion.
  • Comments: Nothing much here. Ship starts to explode, and the fat dim-witted henchman fails to escape in time. 1 down, 2 more to go.

 16. Verg’s Redemption

  • Occurrence: Before the final mission
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: NOT available
  • Summary: Gills informs Marcello that the Pyramid is approaching the Ghost Ship’s radar location. Looking at the screen, both villains are shocked to see it lying on the sea bed, completely wrecked, and with the tail half of the ship missing. Inside, Verg is sitting on the metal floor and weeping quietly, with Mutio next to him, looking at him with concern. He suddenly gets up and limps towards the control console. Marcello gleefully gloats at Verg’s failure, and informs him about his plans to nuke the poleshift device, using Sub Zero. Before he can finish however, he is taken aback upon noticing that Verg had pointed the Ghost-Ship’s cannons at the Pyramid. Verg angrily tells Marcello that their Papa’s final wishes (to live in peace with the humans) are not to be disobeyed, and that it was time for him to be punished. With a loud yell, he slams his fist on the fire button. The cannons immediately crumble after firing off their final salvos. The shots from the Ghost Ship cripple the Pyramid, and Gills is killed by falling debris. 
  • Comments: Definitely the best scene in the entire game, and its a shame that it can only be seen via playing it (unless someone guides me to a Windows Vista friendly PS1 emulator; I’ll be glad to post the FMV for viewing). Verg’s character is given so much more depth and sympathy in this scene. His actions had 2 very significant meanings: It showed that Verg really did (despite beating up Hayami and swearing never to talk to humans again) listen and accept Hayami’s pleas for both species to live in peace, as what was wished for by Zorndyke. More importantly, it demonstrated that his devotion and loyalty towards his Papa were absolute, and that he would have done anything to defend his final wishes, even if it meant killing a sibling who was trying to defy it, or helping the humans.

 17. Pyramid Destroyed

  • Occurrence: After completing the final mission
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: NOT available
  • Summary: The Pyramid is destroyed by the Grampus team, and Marcello dies inside. The shockwave from the exploding ship slams into the nearby Ghost-Ship, causing its foundations (the skeletal ribcage of the carrier whale) to snap, and slide slowly towards the trench. The hybrids inside panic and scramble to get away from Verg, who is now wildly swinging a metal pipe at them, screaming at them to stay away. The hybrids stare sadly at him for a few seconds, before making a mad rush to safety. As she swims away, Mutio turns around and spots Verg sitting alone on the bridge, weeping and calling out Zorndyke’s name.
    As the structure starts to collapse around him, Verg is suddenly startled by a voice from above, and looking up, gasps when he sees Mutio swimming to him, her body glowing in a strange white light (similar to when she saved Hayami from drowning). She reaches out her hand to him, and Verg extends his hand to her in return. Mutio and several of her sisters carry Verg off to safety, just as the Ghost-Ship plunges into the chasm and disappears forever.
  • Comments: Really cool FMV, again further developing Verg and Mutio’s personalities. Verg’s grief towards the death of his Papa is really played out here (we have to remember that the events in the FMV occur not long after the end of the anime, so Verg is still very much distraught). Mutio is solidly established as a forgiving and kind sibling here, and to the delight of Verg/Mutio romance supporters (puke).

 18. Homebound

  • Occurrence: Just before the game ends
  • Availability on the Anime 3-Disc DVD Collection: NOT available
  • Summary: Closeup of Kino standing at the viewing tower of Blue 6, as it departs for home. She stares towards the horizon, with the orange sky and the bright setting sun in the background. The same ending theme song by THE THRILL plays after this.
  • Comments: Nothing much here. A simple concluding FMV to mark the end of the game…and the end of the BS6 storyline. Boo hoo 😦

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  1. Well that was interesting. Thanks for going to all the trouble of doing this summary. Blue Sub 6 always struck me as being a really depressing series…

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