Estella Bloom

  • Age: 18Kino with hair, and boobs
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Occupation: Blue Fleet Grampus Pilot, Blonde Kino
  • Appearances: PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
Estella hails from a rich family in Sweden. Pampered since young and possessing a fiery temper, she joined the Naval Academy to prove that she can live independently, and be as capable as men. Estella and Kino do not get along at first, but later learn to respect and admire each other. She similarly maintains a cold relationship with her laid-back co-pilot Zagalo, but the two become close friends as time goes by.

My thoughts & opinions
Estella is easily the most prominent new character in the PS1 game. She possesses almost the same personality as Kino, but has the looks, and the hair. She apparently had some earlier history with Hayami as well, but wasn’t able to get a translation on this. Estella is fierce and stubborn, but ultimately loyal to her colleagues and is a team player. There’s a strong hint that she and and the more relaxed Zagalo hit off at the end, which is pretty consistent with the standard romance formula (for such characters who are paired together in their jobs).

She and Kino traded bitchslaps during the game, after having a heated quarrel about Hayami! (alas, I do not know the details of this potentially juicy argument, as I don’t know Japanese).


~ by ticktank on August 2, 2008.

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