• Age: Unknown (12-20?)Feed them to the Sarlacc!
  • Cell Combinations: Angler Fish 
  • Occupation:Pyramid Battleship Commander, Chimeran army leader
  • Appearances: PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
Marcello is one of Zorndyke’s earlier creations. He despises humans, and constantly schemes against them. Unlike Verg, whom he regards as reckless and crude, Marcello prefers to engage in sabotage, subterfuge and insidious acts against his human enemies. He is ambitious and cruel, even towards his own kind, and secretly harbours a desire to overthrow Zorndyke. His plans are carried out by his two loyal servants Gills and Pondo, as well as the Mutio Twins.

My thoughts & opinions
Marcello is a fresh and much-needed character in the BS6 series IMO, because he is purely and unquestionably evil, something the OVA really lacked. Zorndyke and Verg don’t count, obviously. Very appropriately, his design is based on the Angler Fish species; really monstrous and nightmarish (see example here)

He’s never really regarded as a threat to Blue 6, nor taken seriously during most of the game unfortunately, as the BS6: Antarctica storyline takes place at the same time as the events in the anime. Since Blue 6 and everyone else survives to the end of the anime, players will know straight away that none of Marcello’s plans will work, storyline wise.

Marcello’s evil was demonstrated to the fullest after hearing of Zorndyke’s demise. Instead of mourning like his siblings, he was instead delighted by the news, as his death would allow Marcello to finally seize power. After Zorndyke’s death, Marcello immediately began to seek out the nukes on the sub that Blue 6 had left behind, with the intention of nuking the poleshift device and bringing doomsday to humanity. Marcello picked the wrong brother to tell this information to. He (and we the viewers) soon discovered that Verg’s loyalty to Zorndyke was absolute, to the point where he’s even willing to prevent Marcello from restarting the war with humanity (whom he still hates), just to uphold Zorndyke’s final wish for a peaceful co-existence between humans and Chimera.


~ by ticktank on August 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Marcello”

  1. Wow. I never really though Verg would actual be the obedient type. I’m sorry If I’m out of line. I liked Bs6 I would play the games if they were in English.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know this. This is a real surprise for me. I couldn’t make out much from the Extra DVD that came out here in America with the Special Edition DVD.
    I was worried that they changed Zorndike and that this was him ( They didn’t explain much on the DVD) Thank you so much for posting this! Now I am very interested in playing the game! 🙂 I just.. need to find out.. how ahaha.
    Especially since Verg (my favorite character) is more fleshed out.

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