Yuri Majakovski (Юрий Маяко́вский?)

  • Age: 21 Hayami's best friend
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Occupation: X.O. (Executive Officer) & 2-IC of Blue No. 6
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1, DC 

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
Moved to Hokkaido due to his father’s work in the trading business. He was in the same class in the Naval Academy as Hayami. He sees Hayami as a great rival because of their shared dream of becoming a Submarine pilot. Because he was too tall however, he was forced to abandon his dream. He was against Hayami returning to Blue Fleet. Knows the Russian Sambo.

My thoughts & opinions
Its easy to hate Yuri without giving him a chance, simply because he has an antagonistic relationship with Hayami, and Hayami is the hero/lead character of the show. His personality is simple – straight, rigid, by the book, no-nonsense, but ultimately loyal. Like that Metalhead character from FF9.

Yuri does have some valid points with regards to his dislike for Hayami. Hayami is (was) indeed quite a rebel and upstart in his Academy days, and such behaviour isn’t acceptable in a military organization. Yuri also doesn’t see the point of wasting time and resources trying to convince a disgraced ex-soldier to return.

You also have to give him credit for maintaining professionalism i.e. not letting his personal issues with Hayami interfere with the command chain. He disagrees with Iga on several ocassions (regarding Hayami), but always supports whatever the Captain ultimately decides to do. That IMO is a rare positive quality that is especially vital in a military organization (speaking from experience), in which unity and cohesiveness are paramount.

Yuri’s role in both the PS1 and DC games is almost identical to the anime – barking out secondary orders and whining about Hayami. He also serves as Kino’s briefing officer in all the missions in the PS1 game.


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