青の6号: Time & Tide (DC) – Story Summary

Please Read First:
This summary is very detailed, as the plot of Time & Tide is rather complex. Most of my understanding of the game’s story came from KinsukeJP’s FAQ on Gamefaqs, which admittingly wasn’t translated too well in English.  But he deserves tons of credit for coming up with the guide. Even with the language errors, its more than sufficient to get you through the game. I also had a Japanese speaking friend explain certain parts to me when he was at my place. Overall however: The plot is definitely not 100% correct/accurate, but its pretty close imo.

**WARNING: This entire article contains massive plot spoilers. You have been warned.

The Story

The story in 青の6号: Time & Tide (DC) takes place before the anime, sometime between Hayami’s departure from Blue Fleet (after Katsuma’s apparent demise) and till the start of OVA Episode 1. It focuses on his adventures as a freelance salvager at Shin Sekai City (SSK).

The story starts with Hayami riding on a Salvage boat, recalling the day when Katsuma rescued him at the apparent cost of his own life (the same flashback seen in the anime). He is heading for Shin Sekai City (SSK) with his friend Yung Jing, whose parents own a salvaging guild in SSK. It is never mentioned how Hayami came to know and befriend Yung Jing.

On arrival, Hayami visits Yung Jing’s parents, who are living in a large mansion on the outer walls of SSK city. Yung Jing’s wheelchair-bound father Zheng (Jeng) explains how the massive outer wall of SSK city is dividing its population in more ways than one. He says that the poorer inhabitants living outside the walls are being constantly neglected and discriminated against by the SSK government, and are barred from entering the inner city (the main metropolis and skyscraper area). Zheng says he hopes to end the discrimination and bring down the wall someday.

On his way back home, Hayami pays 3 street orphans a gold coin, in exchange for a stray dog they had been bullying, and takes the dog as his pet. This dog is the same one that was seen in EP1 of the anime by the way. 😛 His actions are noticed by another street orphan, who seemed rather impressed. She introduces herself as Ran Fang (Rau Pa), and follows Hayami home despite his cold attitude towards her (Hayami doesn’t outrightly force her to leave though).

During the first tutorial salvage mission, Hayami and Yung Jing salvage a wreckage of a strange fighter pod, which they later examine to be unarmed and which is most likely a drone from another large submarine.

After the tutorial salvage operation with Yung Jing, Hayami registers with Zheng’s salvaging company (The East Guild) and begins to take assignments (i.e. missions) from them. He also explores the east side of SSK city, and gets acquainted with the manager of a pub, a church priest named Goldon (Gordon?) and the editor of the east side newspaper agency. 

After 5-6 easy missions, Hayami is visited by a mysterious beautiful woman in red (time for that song!) at the Pub. She introduces herself as Chung Ying, and says that she is looking for a skilled salvager to undertake a dangerous salvaging assignment – to recover 3 specific relics whose purpose she did not reveal. Before leaving the pub, she hands Hayami a large sum of money ($50,000 game funds) and a disc containing information on the location of the first relic. Hayami doesn’t say much and was behaving like his typical self, but he accepts the cash and the assignment after she leaves.

In his salvaging of the 1st relic, Hayami is attacked by a gigantic squid/cuttlefish later dubbed the “Catherine“. It runs off after Hayami damages it. After this mission he is approached by a man named Somtou, who seems to be a leader of some resistance movement eager to topple the SSK government. Somtou tells Hayami to stay away from the political affairs of the city.

Hayami also obtains a great deal of information during this period, in between salvaging missions.

  • The editor of the newsagency tells Hayami about a certain Admiral Bayard, who a few years ago took control of a Blue Fleet Submarine ‘X’, and rebelled against the SSK government.
  • Zheng talks about the governor of SSK city – Cox, whom he says is an oppressive and arrogant ruler.
  • A patron at the Pub tells Hayami about how he saw priest Goldon heading inside the inner city one day, and wonders how it was possible, given that the outer city inhabitants were barred from entering.

After several more missions, Yung Jing decides to want to take the Grampus for a dive at sea, and Hayami follows him on the salvage boat. While inside the Grampus, Yung Jing is suddenly wounded by fire inside the cockpit, and the Grampus short-circuits. Hayami manages to rush him back to SSK city and to his parents. Shortly afterwards, Zheng’s wife tearfully informs Hayami that Yung Jing had died from his injuries.

Ran Fang (who takes over Yung Jing from this point forth) tells Hayami that she found a device in the Grampus that was clearly meant to assassinate its occupant. Somtou and others think that Cox has planted a spy among the outer-city inhabitants, and may have been responsible for Yung Jing’s death. Hayami starts to suspect that the spy is Chung Ying, but Ran Fang doubts its her.

[More salvaging missions]
Hayami eventually meets with Cox in inner-SSK city, and accuses him of using Chung Ying to kill Yung Jing. Cox brushes off his accusations as nonsense and quickly throws Hayami out, saying that he has no time to bother about these things, as a Blue Fleet submarine will be arriving at SSK city in a few weeks.

Somtou, having heard of Hayami’s interaction with Cox, begins to see him as a potential ally in his resistance movement and invites him (not sure if Hayami accepts though). The newspaper editor also shares more information about Bayard. She says that Bayard possesses a powerful ship/weapon known as ‘Granova’, and the location/info about this can be found in ‘X’, Bayard’s submarine. She also reveals that Cox is looking for Granova.

[More salvaging missions]
Priest Goldon mysteriously disappears around this time. Chung Ying drops by Hayami’s house and passes him another disc containing info on the location of the 2nd relic. She maintains that she did not kill Yung Jing, as doing so would simply undermine Hayami’s attempts to obtain the relics she is seeking. The TV station then announces the impending arrival of the representing Blue Fleet vessel in a few days – The Ao No Rokugo aka Blue Submarine No.6 (woot!), and many believe that the submarine would bring trouble to the city.

After succeeding in getting the 2nd relic, Chung Ying gives Hayami another disc containing details of the 3rd and final relic. Ran Fang appears troubled when she reads the information, but does not want to talk about it. When Hayami arrives at the location of the 3rd relic (a submerged suburban neighborhood), he discovers that the location is actually one of the old houses, and that the safebox he is supposed to salvage is empty. Ran Fang confesses at this point that the house is actually hers (!) and she lived there with her mother before the flooding. She pleads with Hayami not to disturb the place, and Hayami agrees. They return to SSK.

Back at SSK, the newpaper editor says that Cox is trying to negotiate a security treaty with Blue Fleet, but suspects that the real reason Blue 6 is here is to look for Granova. She also says that it is a lost cause because the ‘X’ was sunk by the SSK defence forces and Blue Fleet years ago during Bayard’s failed rebellion, and many believe that he died in that battle. The wreckage of ‘X’ and Bayard were never found however.

Hayami heads to the main city gates and is surprised to meet Captain Iga (flanked by Sidra), the first time since his departure from Blue Fleet. Iga is very happy to see that Hayami is doing fine, and confirms that Blue 6 is indeed searching for Granova.

Returning home, Hayami is greeted by a shocked Ran Fang, who tells him that thieves had taken the two relics. Suspecting Goldon, he heads for the church, only to see him lying dead on the floor and Chung Ying nearby. She insists that she never killed Goldon, and pressured by Hayami, finally reveals that she is an agent working for Blue Fleet, under the codename “Flamingo”. She was tasked to find the 3 ‘keys’ needed to operate the Granova – the 3 relics she had asked Hayami to salvage! (Why Blue Fleet needed the keys to Granova is still not explained at this point I think) After hearing this, Hayami starts to suspect Cox as being the person behind the burglary, and wants nothing more to do with the whole situation.

Chung Ying scolds Hayami for being selfish, and shows him the growing anger that the outer-city inhabitants are harbouring towards the oppressive SSK government. An uprising is about to begin. I’m not sure how this relates to the need for the statues though (someone help?).

When Hayami reveals that the 3rd relic wasn’t at the location she gave him, Chung Ying says that it may had something to do with the now dead Goldon. She persuades Hayami to temporarily relocate to the West side of the outer-city, away from Cox and any other potential threats for the time being. He and Ran Fang reluctantly agree.

Hayami learns shortly after arriving at west-side that the uprising on the East side, led by Somtou, had been crushed. He registers with the West Salvaging Guild and takes assignments from them. He hears from a street thug that Zheng’s wife and Goldon had some secret business dealings.

[More salvaging missions here; the toughest and final batch of them]
An optional, well-rewarded mission here involves killing the giant squid “Catherine”, which had been harassing you at regular intervals. Another fun mission involves searching for pirate’s treasure in the deepest regions of the game.

Hayami’s successful salvaging of a massive oil tanker makes him famous, and alerts everyone of his presence in the west side of SSK. He returns home and is arrested by Cox and his men, who had discovered his hiding place. Cox demands that Hayami hand over the two relics, saying he needs Granova to defend SSK against Zorndyke’s creatures and Blue Fleet, who are looking to topple him (not sure if second reason is true). Hayami realizes that Cox is not the person who stole them, because it wouldn’t make sense for him to be asking for them otherwise. Hayami is thrown into prison, but is soon freed by Sidra and Iga in a break-in.

Iga explains that Cox wants the Granova because he is intending to trade it with Verg (!), in exchange for immunity being granted to SSK (could be wrong here), and that Blue 6 came to SSK city not to establish a partnership, but to obtain the keys to Granova first, and thus stop Cox’s deal from going through. Iga also informed Hayami that the Ghost-Ship will be arriving at SSK City very soon. Iga and Hayami head for Cox’s office, and discover that he has been murdered. Somtou also arrives and is equally surprised (he did not kill him though).

He returns home and finds Chung Ying tied up and the place ransacked. Chung Ying says that Ran Fang has been kidnapped by Zheng and his men, and have made off on a ship! At this point, the Ghost-Ship emerges from afar and starts shelling SSK city in an attempt to destroy Blue 6, throwing the place into a state of chaos. Hayami drives the Grampus to meet up with Chung Ying and her salvage ship, but not before navigating past the turbulent harbour waters. Coastguards then attempt to force them to surrender, and start shooting at their ship when Hayami refuses. The Coastguards are soon driven off by the timely arrival of Blue 6, which had finally left port.

Hayami reaches Zheng’s ship and is greeted by his wife. Zheng’s wife admits that she was responsible for both Goldon and Cox’s deaths (why I’m not sure), and (not 100% sure about here onwards also) that the device planted on the Grampus that injured Yung Jing was intended for Hayami, and that Yung Jing was later silenced by her before he could warn Hayami. Yes, she killed her own son. Zheng’s wife is then abruptly shot and killed by Zheng himself!

Zheng rips off the mask and disguise he is wearing, and finally reveals himself to be…Bayard! (I guess the clue to this was Zheng’s revolutionary dreams). He explains his motivations (not sure sorry). With Ran Fang and the two relics in his possession, he summons his revived submarine ‘X’, and makes off for battle.

Blue 6 engages in a fierce head-to-head battle against the Ghost-Ship (really cool FMV sequence) and both vessels appear evenly matched. The battle is then joined by Bayard in the ‘X’, who declares war against both the Ghost Ship and Blue Fleet! ‘X’ deploys several waves of drones – identical to the one Hayami salvaged in the very first tutorial mission. The drones keep Hayami busy while Bayard attacks both ships.

The Ghost-Ship eventually gains the upper hand against Blue 6. and ‘X’. Blue 6.’s engines are crippled, while the already damaged ‘X’ starts to crumble under the assault from the Ghost Ship. Inside ‘X’, Bayard kneels beside the terrified Ran Fang, and kindly asks her for the pendant that her mother gave her. After handing it to him, Bayard places Ran Fang inside an escape pod and bids her farewell. At the very last moment before the Pod’s door closes, Ran Fang realizes in shock (through her deductions) that Bayard is actually her father, and screams in vain for him to let her out. The Pods are launched, but Ran Fang’s Pod is damaged and remains attached to the ship. In the final mission of the game, Hayami navigates past the crumbling portions of ‘X’ and rescues Ran Fang in a nick of time.

Using the small microchip inside Ran Fang’s pendant, Bayard unleashes Granova from inside ‘X’ and sets course for the Ghost-Ship in a suicide run (the chip is actually the 3rd and final key to activate the Granova,). He stares at a photograph of him and his wife holding a baby Ran Fang, confirming the truth of Ran Fang’s earlier realizations. The Ghost-Ship was only moments away from annhiliating Blue 6. when it notices the Granova rocketing towards it. Its attempts at destroying the Granova with a massive cannon barrage fails, and the impact engulfs the whole area in a gigantic explosion. (The Ghost-Ship and Verg survived this attack obviously, but this is not mentioned nor shown in the game).

Afterwards, Chung Ying bids Hayami farewell, and remarks that he is still a good person at heart and needs to stop being aloof. Ran Fang decides to stay in SSK, to carry out her late-father’s wishes for a unified SSK. With Cox dead and the city in need of rebuilding, Ran Fang believes it will only be a matter of time before she achieves it. Hayami leaves for Japan in a civilian ship, taking his dog along. Ran Fang waves Hayami off at the jetty, and the game ends.

Note: The ending credit sequence and song (Minasoko?) is the same as the one in the OVA (by THE THRILL). Nice use of continuity there 😛

Many questions still remain unanswered, and I’m hoping if some Japanese-speaking fans can help me here:

  • Is Yung Jing Bayard/Zheng’s biological son? Does Zheng’s wife know the real identity of her husband?
  • How exactly was Bayard’s ‘X’ defeated? Did Blue Fleet really play a part in that?
  • What exactly did Cox want from Verg, in exchange from giving him Granova?

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  1. Okay, this proves that GONZO had enough material for Blue Sub 6 for a full 26 episode series. And now I’m even more depressed than before. The storyline of Antarctica and Time & Tide would have been waaay more awesome than 99% of the anime shows we’ve gotten this year.

    I need to get my hands on the original blue sub 6 manga. It was reprinted when the OVA came out and I hear it’s pretty good too.

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