Mutio Twins (ミューティオ 双子)

  • Age: Unknown (10-18?)OMG lesbians!
  • Cell Combinations: Koi Fish
  • Occupation: Umigumo Pilot; Harem Girls for Marcello
  • Appearances: PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Unofficial)
The Mutio Twins are Marcello’s personal bodyguards, escorts and pleasure slaves. True to their programming, they are completely loyal to Marcello, and carry out his orders without question to the very end. Both were eventually killed when their suicide attempt on Blue 6 failed.

My thoughts & opinions
When I first saw these two characters with Marcello on the cover poster of the playstation game, my first impression was that of Jabba the Hutt and his two Twi’lek (sp?) slaves. Turns out I was pretty much correct.

The game developers weren’t shy about giving the players a cheap thrill with these two characters. In their very first appearance in the game (in an FMV no less), the Mutio Twins were actually teasing each other for a lesbian kiss! Though a little arousing, I found that behaviour quite out of place in the BS6 universe. It made them look way too human. Could be wrong of course.

Midway through the game (this is after Hayami reunites with Blue 6. at EP3), Marcello orders the Twins into their final battle, strapping them onto separate missile-shaped subs, for a suicide attack. One Mutio is quickly dispatched by the Grampus team. But when Hayami pleads with the remaining Mutio to call off her attack (by actually flying his Grampus next to her sub and looking at her face to face), she ignores him. Hayami and Kino are sadly forced to destroy her ship, taking her with it.

Its never explained how these two Mutios have strikingly different colors than the usual ones, but the color combinations are rather nice actually. WordPress theme? Hehe.


~ by ticktank on July 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mutio Twins (ミューティオ 双子)”

  1. Which is Gills and which is Pondo??

    • The mutio twins are not given names 🙂 Gills and Pondo are the names of 2 of Marcello’s other henchmen. They are male.

  2. Ooohs I see ^_^ thankies :3

  3. The fanart of the mutio twins, do you know where it came from? As in who drew it?

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