Tokuhiro Iga (伊賀徳洋)

  • Age: 41 A matured, older version of Hayami?
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Occupation: Submarine Captain (Blue No.6)
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1, DC

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
While serving in the Marine Self Defense Force Submarine Division, he became an alcoholic and his wife and child left him. He became an instructor at the International Naval Academy by swearing to give up drinking. He is a veteran of Musuca battles and has experience in fighting Verg. Understanding Hayami’s (a former student) great abilities and seeing the need for them, he pushed him to rejoin Blue Fleet.

My thoughts & opinions
Iga seems to place alot of faith on Hayami, who understandably was his former student, even after his shameful court-martial. Perhaps its also because he see’s Hayami as a younger version of himself? Hayami is also noticibly less disrespectful and aloof towards Iga as compared to his attitude towards the other crew members.

A fatherly figure, Iga was also responsible for many decisions and actions that contributed to mankind’s victory, such as outsmarting the Ghost-Ship and allowing Hayami and Kino to meet with Zorndyke.

His peculiar habit of wearing his cap backwards may be an indication of his once rebellious nature, disregard for unimportant formalities or even willingness to think out of the box.

His numerous battles with Verg gave me the impression of a commonly-used duel matchup: Old & outgunned veteran vs. Young & reckless powerhouse. Like Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi Wan. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the two met face to face, but alas, that did not happen in the anime.


~ by ticktank on July 29, 2008.

One Response to “Tokuhiro Iga (伊賀徳洋)”

  1. This man you can almost look up to, the typical commander type, always feel a sense of hope when this individual comes around, I used him a lot in my stories.

    Surprised there are no other comments.

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