Tetsu Hayami (速水鉄)

Almost as annoying as Legolas. Almost.

  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Occupation: Ex-Blue Fleet Grampus Pilot, Freelance Salvager
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1, DC

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
An elite cadet at the Naval Academy. He was involved in the development of the Grampus during his Academy years, and he contributed a great deal. After the incident with [Katsuma] Nonaka, he withdrew from Blue Fleet and lived a miserable existence. In his childhood years, he suffered from aquaphobia but has since overcome it.

My thoughts & opinions
Hayami is a strangely likeable character in my opinion, speaking as a straight guy. This is despite his many stereotypical male-lead qualities that are favored towards young adolescent girls and scoffed by guys – capable, silent, aloof, intelligent and of course good looking.

I found his gradual change from selfish loner to an enlightened pacifist with a special softness towards female hybrids quite appealing. Hayami clearly lacked faith in his own species at the start, yet showed an usually high level of concern and care towards the hybrid Mutio, whom he rescued. Its obvious that they both harbour a mutual curiosity towards each other, and share the same dislike towards the ongoing conflict between their species. Whether or not he has romantic feelings for Mutio is unclear, and I believe it was the scriptwriters’ intention to leave this part open to our intepretation. In my opinion, there’s equal evidence to support either belief, which is great news for fanfiction writers eager to stay within canon. For an analysis on this romance issue, you might want to look at this article [here] (Note: I did write a Hayami/Mutio romance (eek!) fanfic, but that was only because I thought it was more challenging and fun. 😛 ) 

His relationship with Kino is much more straightforward, and sadly not very interesting IMO. He tolerates Kino, and regards her at least as a friend. Its not explained clearly why he chose to save her and rejoin Blue 6 in EP1, although I speculate it may have something to do with Kino reminding him of Ran Fang. They do look and behave a little similar (big eyes, pesky attitude).

In 青の6号: Antarctica, Hayami’s growing dissatisfaction towards the war after his meeting with Mutio and the Musuca is further developed, during the Grampus’ team’s attempts to stop the Mutio Twins and their suicide attack on Blue 6. After failing to stop the death of one twin, Hayami steers his Grampus towards the remaining Mutio’s sub, and comes face to face with her. He pleads with her to stop, telling her the pointlessness of her intended sacrifice, but the Mutio refuses to listen. Hayami then attempts to use the Grampus’ Grapple Arm to halt her attack without killing her, but runs out of time. The Mutio’s sub is destroyed by Kino (who was sitting behind Hayami in the same Grampus), seconds before it could impact Blue 6. Hayami becomes enraged at Kino, but after seeing her cry, apologizes (!) to her; she was only trying to protect the people she cared for. A really nice scene, this was.

In the 青の6号: Time & Tide Dreamcast game, Hayami was still very much like in Episode 1 of the OVA – bitter about Katsuma’s demise, and unfriendly to everyone. He however played a vital role in actually saving Blue 6 from destruction, through his salvaging of two items that were needed to power up the rogue Submarine ‘X’, which subsequently succeeded in a suicide attack on the Ghost Ship. The Ghost Ship, which was only moments away from destroying a crippled Blue 6, was badly wrecked by the resulting explosion, allowing the sub to escape.

Hayami also showed more signs of his humanity and softness towards the helpless, by his many attempts at protecting and saving Ran Fang during the events in Time & Tide.

His Japanese written name (速水鉄) is rather peculiar and meaningful as well. “鉄” (Tetsu) is also the Chinese letter for “Metal/Iron”, while “速水”  (Haya-mi) literally translates to “Deep Water”. Intentional? Perhaps, but very fitting in the context of the BS6 universe.


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One Response to “Tetsu Hayami (速水鉄)”

  1. Personally, I think Hayami is an altruistic mix of Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Like Shinji he wants to avoid people so he doesn’t get hurt, but he’s more of a fighter. Like Spike, Hayami is someone who is stuck living in the past because he can’t get over losing someone he cared about. I think Range Murata said, in an interview, he wanted to design a character who was “trying to crawl out of a dark place.”

    Love blue submarine 6 and love your fanfic. I do have the dreamcast game and have been able to emulate it, but can’t play it since I don’t understand japanese so I can’t comment on that. There’s lots of videos from the dreamcast game on youtube though.

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