Mayumi Kino (紀之真弓)

  • Age: 18OMG she's not crying or screaming...
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Occupation: Blue Fleet Grampus Pilot, Crybaby
  • Appearances: OVA, PS1

BIOGRAPHY (Source: 青の6号 DVD Character Files)
An elite cadet who skipped several grades in the Academy, she is very eager. Although she has a couple of trophies from Jet-Ski competitions, she is not very skilled at piloting the Grampus. She has alot of pride and is constantly competing with the guys. Her competitiveness may come from the loss of her loved ones; that tragedy had a lasting effect on her psyche.

My thoughts & opinions
This character grew on me slowly. Its easy to dismiss Kino as a shallow whiny brat with feminist qualities on the first few viewings, but IMO she’s a rather complex character in her own right. Kino stands out among the rest of the cast, not just because she’s the main character but more because of her huge eyes – they’re bigger than everyone else’s, I’ve noticed! 😛 The animators really preserved Mr. Murata’s design for Kino, and I’m glad they did.

For all the anger and venom Kino has displayed towards Zorndyke throughout the show, I found it fitting and amusing that she couldn’t bring herself to kill him when she had the chance, and boy was she given so many chances! This reluctance on Kino’s part demonstrated her inherently fragile and good-hearted nature, which she tried so hard to hide under a facade of toughness. It also showed how she could actually think logically despite frequently appearing emo. She realized the meaning behind Zorndyke’s question – that killing him out of vengeance wouldn’t make her feel any better i.e. the pains of her loss wouldn’t go away.

The nature of Kino’s relationship with Hayami seems to be a popular subject in fandoms. I’m inclined to think that she does have a fondness towards him, but expresses it through angry nagging and tears. Kino seems to enjoy hugging Hayami at many opportunities though (EP4). Hehe.

Kino is the ‘star’ and the character you control in 青の6号: Antarctica (PS1). She pretty much is the same Kino we know in the OVA, despite her speaking very little in the game. She initially maintained a rivalry with Estella, who was herself a strong-headed and temperamental girl, but the two gradually began to accept each other and eventually became friends.

In one scene, Kino and Hayami were racing to stop a Mutio Twin from crashing her sub into Blue 6 (a suicide run). At the very last moment, just as Hayami was about to grapple the enemy ship and disable it without killing the pilot, Kino opened fire on the craft, and destroyed it (thereby saving Blue 6). She started to cry immediately afterwards, much to an angry Hayami’s surprise. I’m still not sure why she did, but my guess was that she felt remorseful for foiling Hayami’s intention, in order to save the lives of her comrades. 

Is it me, or does Kino (big eyes, round head, red hair) resemble one of the characters in Naruto? The one carrying the jar of sand? I don’t watch that anime at all, and have no clue who the character is or what HE does, but I did remember him looking angry and mean.


~ by ticktank on July 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mayumi Kino (紀之真弓)”

  1. Kino’s character didn’t get enough time to develop on screen, but her scene with Zorndyke is the defining moment of the entire anime. Other than that I see some interesting parallels between her relationship with Hayami, and Mutio’s relationship with Verg. Both Kino and Mutio end up comforting someone who’s distant to them through out the entire story.

  2. I very much agree with Kinglear 😉

    Oh, and because I saw this OVA all those years ago on Toonami I instantly gravitated to the anime Last Exile and the character Lavie BECAUSE she reminded me of Kino. Also, Lavie had ALOT more screen time and character development then Kino ever really did. Though I can’t say the same for the manga. I never read it but you never know. Usually mangas have all the information that the anime doesn’t show or go in to full detail with.

    Last Exile is a great and very sad anime and there are characters I despise for obvious reasons… but the only character that made me turn from like to dislike (disgust) is Sophie (what she did to Claus made me want to gag). So yea, you should check it out, especially since the art is similar.

  3. I find this character annoying, not my type of girl and that short hair, (What color is it, Brown, Red or pink) I have no idea, does she always die it… Geezee….


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