Blue 1 – Corback

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Color(s): Black
  • Status after the OVA: Destroyed by Chimeran Forces

The Corback is captained by N’dulle Gilford, Commander of the Atlantic Division of Blue Fleet as well as the overall Naval Forces. As a flagship, it is the most powerful sub among the 9, and this was demonstrated in the BS6: Antarctica game.

Like the Super Star Destroyer, Battleship Yamato and the Borg Cube however, the Corback suffered the same fate as most other typical ‘massive-and-powerful’ Capital Ships in movie and modern history – overwhelmed and slowly picked apart by a large number of smaller fighters.


~ by ticktank on July 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “Blue 1 – Corback”

  1. I think I remember an fmv from the DC game where a captain rams his sub into the ghost ship after initiating a self distruct sequence.

    Is this the cobrack? Does the story in time and tide take place before or after Antarctica? Also, a synopsis of the events in both the dc and playstation games would be great.

  2. Hi Kinglear and thanks for your comments. The ship in the FMV is the ‘X’, a rogue submarine that Hayami played a part in re-activating.

    The Corback (Blue 1) is that large pencil-shaped sub seen in the OVA. It was destroyed at the beginning of EP4 by a swarm of Unigumos.

    The events in the DC game took place before the OVA, during the time when Hayami was living the life of a salvager. I’ll be writing a summary for both games in due time. No worries 😛

  3. Yeah, the Corback was the ship in the beginning of Minasoko which was being torn apart by the Unigumo swarm. It looked like the captain was going to launch or detonate all of the on-board ordinance, “not going down without a fight,” but unfortunately they weren’t able to do that before the hull was breached.

  4. The video conference Zorndyke crashes in Ep 2. claims the name of Blue 1 is “Coback” but Corback sounds cooler

  5. They first detonated thier conventional weapons, followed by the nuclear warheads, taking the enemies with them.

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