Analysis: Is Shin Sekai City i.e. “新世界” Singapore?

Yes I’m terribly bored. The significance of this information, if indeed true? Absolutely nothing.






  1. If you visit the SSK’s main submarine hangar in the game, you can clearly see a large marking on the outer walls – “No. 9”, which can only be referring to Blue Submarine No. 9. According to the official files, Blue 9 (The Shin-ha) was built by Singapore.
  2. Many of the characters living in SSK appear to be of Chinese, Malay and South-East Asian ethnicity, which fits the demographics of Singapore today.
  3. During one of the FMVs, the SSK coastguards were yelling to Hayami in Mandarin (A Chinese dialect used predominantly in Singapore).
  4. The main game map showing all your possible salvaging destinations depicts a large island. The geographical shape of this island as well as the surrounding smaller ones look suspiciously similar to Singapore. Even the two elevated areas in the island correspond very closely to the two hills currently present in Singapore.
  5. In the underground stages, where you navigate the subways, the design and markings of the trains look similar to the current trains in Singapore. Even the logo on the train (circle with a crooked line across) resembles the train company in Singapore today (SMRT).

~ by ticktank on July 28, 2008.

One Response to “Analysis: Is Shin Sekai City i.e. “新世界” Singapore?”

  1. From what little I have seen of the game, I thought Shin Sekai City was just a giant floating dock/barge somewhere in international waters. It kinda reminded me of mos isley on tatooine from star wars (a city full of scavengers and pirates). Hayami’s job as a scavenger wouldn’t be illegal and would probably be respected given the circumstances though.

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